Warped Wing Soda Co.

We do more than just beer around here – introducing Warped Wing Soda Co! Real soda pop made with REAL ingredients like cane sugar. Naturally gluten free, caffeine free, and alcohol free. 
We have been testing our housemade root beer as a draught only offering for a few years now with tremendous success and are excited to now have the opportunity to offer it as a bottled option to our customers. We’ve seen a growing demand for a true craft soda and we are proud to be part of the soda category in addition to beer!
Our 6pk bottled root beer hit the Dayton and Columbus markets in July of 2021 and you can find it in either of our Taproom location or at your favorite local accounts that carry Warped Wing products. Other flavors are in the development stage but we are going all in on root beer out of the gate. We hope to eventually bottle a portfolio of sodas to satisfy a wide variety of palates! For now though, you can enjoy our housemate root beer, ginger beer, and cherry vanilla soda on tap at both of our brewery locations.

Where To Buy

3rd Base Drive-Thru

Arrow Wine

Blind Bob’s

Beaver Valley Wine

Beer Barn

Belmont Market

Belmont Party Supply

City BBQ

Dorothy Lane Market

Dots Market

Handy One

Hanes Road Carryout

Halls Carryout

Kettering Wine

Little Farm

The Neon


Shell (Dorothy Lane)

Shell (Town and Country)

Yellow Cab Tavern


25A Drive Thru

B-Jay’s Drive Thru


The Cellar

Enon Drugmart


Little York Drive Thru

Liquor & Wine Warehouse

Marathon (Karoc)

Market at the Ridge

Miami Liquor & Wine

Miami Valley Wine & Spirits


Piqua Beverage Center

Ray’s Wine

Road Dog

Vandalia Carryout

Wine Works


Arrow Wine

Bee Gee’s Market

Centerville Carryout

Centerville Liquor and Wine

D20: A Bar with Characters

Dots Market

Dorothy Lane Market Washington Square


Hidden Valley Orchards

The Market


Super Value


Springboro Liquor and Wine

Target (Sugarcreek)

Whole Foods

Chateau 2

The Draft Room

Grain + Grape

Hills Market

Kenny Road Market

Lucky’s Market

Northwest Wine & Spirits

Savor Growl

Weilands Market