Warped Wing Brewing Co. is a Dayton craft brewery inspired by Ohio’s rich history of innovation and invention. We are committed to carrying that spirit forward by brewing new proprietary beer styles along with original “warped” interpretations.

The Warped Wing name pays homage to the famous invention by the Wright brother’s called “wing warping.” Wing Warping was a system designed for lateral roll control of a fixed-wing aircraft. The technique, used and patented by the Wright brothers, consisted of a system of pulleys and cables to twist the trailing edges of the wings in opposite directions. James Pettigrew, a Scottish anatomist, naturalist, and aviation pioneer published Animal Locomotion in which he created a drawing of how birds flap their wings to create lift in flight. The Wright brothers identified Pettigrew’s warped wing theory as the inspiration for the wing warping technology. We reinterpreted that sketch for our logo design. Innovations like these are part of our mission, to share Dayton and Ohio stories through our beers and branding.

Visit one of our four Ohio Taproom locations in Dayton, Springboro, Mason, and Huber Heights. Located in Ohio? We ship our beer & hard seltzer anywhere in the state in our online shop!