Charitable Donations

We try our best to contribute to the organizations and events we feel most passionate about, but due to the volume of donation requests we receive, we are unable to fulfill all requests.
All requests for donations must be received a minimum of 30 days prior to the event or they will be automatically rejected. Please note, it is unlawful for us to donate alcohol to any sort of event or fundraiser. We cannot make any exceptions to this.
Causes that fall within our focus include:
– Supporting within our local Dayton, OH community
– Serving & supporting those in need
– Local community art
– Local beautification efforts (river cleanups, tree planting, etc)
Causes that do not fall within our focus include:
– Children related fundraisers and charities (love the kiddos! but alcohol & kids is generally frowned upon)
– Religious organization fundraisers (all denominations)
– Fundraisers for recreational sports teams, bands, or entertainers
– School organizations, scholarships, fraternities/sororities
– Political fundraisers

– Personal fundraisers (medical bills, travel expenses, financial hardships)

At this time, donations are limited to organizations with a 501(c)(3) status only.