Esther’s Li’l Secret

Chocolate Almond Bark Brown Ale

Availability: Winter

Draught  |  4pk 12oz Cans

Tasting notes: Rich. Sweet. Decadent. Chocolate.

Esther Price had a dream. To open a store. And share with the world her made-by-hand, made-with-love confections. So for 30 years, to the bliss of taste-testers, otherwise known as family and friends, she perfected a timeless selection of delectable sweets. In 1952, the doors to her first store in Dayton, Ohio swung open. And the world rushed in. Esther’s chocolates quickly became, and remain, the Midwest’s most beloved. Her secret? Some things are better sipped than said. Esther’s Li’l Secret. A deep, delicious world of Chocolate Almond Bark Brown Ale. What’s your dream?

ABV: 8.0%
IBU: 34