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Imperial India Pale Ale

Availability: Limited Record Store Day ’18 Release

Draught  |  500ml Bottle

Tasting notes: Hoppy, malty, smooth, well balanced

When you help grow a community, your business usually grows with it. 35 years ago Gary Staiger started Omega Music. One of the highlights of that period for Gary was the enjoyment he got from supporting the local artist community. In fact, you can find a robust selection of local music at Omega when you visit. In celebration of great local artists and artisans, Warped Wing Brewery and Omega Music have collaborated on a new release. Introducing 2XLP. A double IPA that pours a clear bright orange. Then flips to a blast of tropical fruit in the nose. Taste crushed citrus and orchard fruits with Azacca and Motueka hops. Song over.

ABV: 10.5%
IBU: 90